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The FC United story began when Darren Osborne and Andrew were tasked with forming an U9s team to give the boys who were deemed not good enough for what was then Independent FC U8s A team.

For the first match of the season there were only six players to start a seven-a-side game.

The team were losing but managed to turn it around and were victorious on the day. That was a short-lived victory.  After a couple of games Andrew left to save his sanity, but his work in the summer will forever be instrumental to the boys long term development.
It is fair to say the boys were heavily beaten most matches that year, but their characters were being formed and slowly performances began improving even if results were not!

The following summer Nicholas Cox (coach) and a few more boys joined the club. These new recruits added with the previous six (unknown to them at the time) would go on to form the core foundation of what we now know as FC United. 

As the boys' friendship grew off the field, so did their performance on the field. It was apparent that these boys were a special bunch. Roll on many more games, training sessions, tears and plenty of smiles later the boys started to realise their own potential. This manifested in an unbeaten league season, and a cup final even though the cup match was a defeat. This goes to show that when the boys perform congruent with the team disciplines and principles which are:  play hard but fair, team before the individual, every pass counts and 100% or nothing anything is possible. 

At the end of the 2016/17 season, Darren and the team harmoniously split ways with Independent FC and formed FC United. 

At the start of summer 2017/18 season as FC United, there was one U13s team. By the end of that season, there were two U13s, one U11s and the beginnings of an U8s team had formed. For the 2018/19 season, five teams were entered in the London County Saturday Youth Football League, as well as reaching out to 100s of children doing community football. 

Currently, six out of the original seven who played the first U9s match are still with us today, and so many boys have and will make lifetime friendships. 

As a by-product of the work the boys, parents and coaches have put in over the years, many of the boys are getting their opportunity to have trials and play at some of the biggest clubs in English Football. We wish them well in their journey onto academies and hopefully one-day professional football.

The FC United family continues to grow in numbers and spirit day by day!

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